Collaborating with Japan, Vocational College UGM is organizing an International Symposium

enough poster ISTS

International Symposium on Technology for Sustainability (ISTS) is an International Sympsoium for College and University Students which firstly organized by National Institute of Technology (NIT) Japan. Each year, since 2010, ISTS has been being held by Asia-Pacific Countries in turn. In 2016, the 6th ISTS is going to be held in Indonesia by appointing Vocational School UGM as the distinguished host.

Despite of the symposium agenda, ISTS 2016 which takes 8 days (4 – 12 October 2016) in Yogyakarta also invites the participants to get involved in both indoor and outdoor activities. They are The 2nd  International Students Seminar on Leadership and Networking (ISSLN), company visit, study case in Poncosari Village, leadership experience and games in Borobudur Temple, and many others. read more