International Cooperations

To support the implementation of Tri Dharma of Higher Education (education, research, community service), Vocational College UGM has been and continues to collaborate with various educational and industrial institutions overseas. We exchange ideas, create and develop collaborative programs with our overseas partners to increase the capacity and skills of students and lecturers. For us, foreign partners also help improve the quantity and quality of scientific writings and joint research outputs. Besides, some of the partners provide internship and Master’s Degree programs for our graduates. Most importantly, overseas partners support us to become a leading and international-class vocational higher education institution.

The institutions, universities, and industries which exchange academic agreements as well as cooperate with Vocational College UGM in providing various international programs and activities are:

International Partners


InstitutionsType of ActivitiesYear
Cheng Du Textile CollegeStudent Exchange Program2013
School of International Education, Zhengzhou UniversityTop Up Degree2016
Tongren UniversityStudent, Lecturer, & Staff Exchange Internship2017
Joint Research
Guizhou Radio & TV UniversityStudent Exchange Program2017
Yellow River Conservancy Technical InstituteStudy Scholarship2013
Tongren PolytechnicStudent Exchange 2013
Student Scholarship
Jiangsu Animal Husbandry & Veterinary College Student Exchange Program2013


InstitutionsType of ActivitiesYear
Senior Experten Services (SES)Visiting Professor


InstitutionsType of ActivitiesYear
9 National Colleges of Technology (Kyushu-Okinawa Region)Student Exchange & Internship Program2014
National Institute of Technology, Tokuyama CollegeStudent Exchange2014
Akashi National College of TechnologyStudent Exchange & Internship Program2013
Center for International Programs Fukuoka UniversityGlobal Project Based Learning Program2018
National Institute of Technology, Oyama CollegeStudent, Lecturer, & Staff Exchange Joint scientific2016
Technological Symposiums and Lectures
National Institute of Technology, Tsuruoka CollegeStudent Exchange Program2014
INCT (Institute of National College of Technology)Student Exchange2014
Joint Seminar
National Institute of Technology, Ibaraki CollegeStudent, Lecturer, & Staff Exchange Joint scientific2015
Technological Symposiums and Lectures
Japan Interstudy Center (Indonesia) & ASTAGE (Japan)Internship2015
Nikisae & ToolstarInternship2013


InstitutionsType of ActivitiesYear
Kolej Universiti Islam MelakaStudent, Lecturer, & Staff Exchange Joint Research2018


InstitutionsType of ActivitiesYear


InstitutionsType of ActivitiesYear
Programme Uitzending ManagersVisiting Experts2019

Republic of Korea

InstitutionsType of ActivitiesYear
Cyber Hankuk University of Foreign StudiesTop Up Degree2019
Jeonju Volunteer CenterJoint Volunteer Program2018
Volunteer Facilitator for Korean Language Students
International Trade and Law InstituteDual/Double Degree2017
Internship and Training Program on International Trade and Law
Pacific Asia SocietyJoint Volunteer Program2014
Hanyang Cyber UniversityStudent Exchange Program2013
Woosuk UniversityStudent Exchange Program2013


InstitutionsType of ActivitiesYear
Office of International Affairs of Cheng Shiu UniversityStudent, Lecturer, & Staff Exchange Internship2018
Joint Research
Joint Seminar/ Conferences
Lunghwa University of Science and TechnologyStudent, Lecturer, & Staff Exchange Internship 2018
Joint Research
Joint Seminar/ Conferences
International College Asia UniversityBridging Program2019
Top Up Degree (3+1) & (3+1+1)
Summer Course
Taiwan Alumni/ ICDF IndonesiaStudent, Lecturer, & Staff Exchange Internship2019
Joint Research
Joint Seminar/ Conferences/ Organization


InstitutionsType of ActivitiesYear
Phetchaburi College of Agriculture and TechnologyStudent, Lecturer, & Staff Exchange Internship2016
Joint Research

United States of America

InstitutionsType of ActivitiesYear
VIAVolunteer Program2013