Vocational College UGM is committed to conducting applied research, which the society and Industry, Business, and the World of Work (IDUKA) can utilize to solve various nations’ problems. At the same time, the outcomes can be published in scientific journals and be presented in scientific meetings.

Vocational College UGM provides a program to improve the performance of applied research. This performance is characterized, among others, by increasing human resources’ productivity and ability to research. High-performance research will spur science, technology, and arts to improve education and community service. Following the attempts to improve the ability of the teaching staff and researchers to conduct quality research activities, Vocational College UGM organizes research programs with community funds.

Vocational College UGM designs Community Fund Research activities to provide opportunities for lecturers to continuously and consistently carry out research in their fields. Thus, their competencies will gradually develop.

Vocational College Community Fund Research activities aim to:

  1. Encourage and facilitate the potential development of Vocational College lecturers who are consistent and competent in their fields,
  2. Improve the atmosphere of applied research in Vocational College as the basis of the learning process, teaching, community service, and research outcomes delivery to IDUKA,
  3. Build confidence for lecturers to continue working through research activities that will encourage the creation of a research culture in Vocational College,
  4. Contribute to solving the nation’s problems through applied research that applies to IDUKA and the society,
  5. Publish the research findings in both scientific meeting forums and scientific journals.
  6. Vocational College UGM disseminates the research findings by organizing both national and international seminars. The annual national seminar by Vocational College UGM is the National Seminar on Applied Technology (SNTT). For details of the seminar, please visit Meanwhile, the international seminar by the Vocational College UGM is called the International Conference on Technology for Sustainable Development (ICTSD). Kindly visit the webpage for more information: