Domestic Cooperations

Vocational College, Universitas Gadjah Mada collaborates with many parties in carrying out the Tri dharma of Higher Education. The main objective of this collaboration is to expand partnerships with stakeholders to increase the participation of partners in the application of Tri dharma of Higher Education and strengthen networks of vocational education in Indonesia. Furthermore, the cooperation aims to present science and technology, equipment, practitioners, systems, and work culture from partners to campus to cultivate graduates who are competent and ready to work. The collaboration promotes the development of Human Resources at Vocational College UGM through joint research with topics obtained from partners for the benefits of both parties and the community.

The types of cooperation carried out by Vocational College UGM with partners in the field of education include internships for student/lecturer/academic staff, guest lectures, equipment grants, learning infrastructure, competency certification, partnership classes, graduate recruitment, and scholarships. Through cooperation, the academic community of Vocational College UGM can conduct researches with support from stakeholders. The collaborative research activities include joint research, product downstream, seminar, and publication of research findings. On the other hand, VC UGM also actively carries out community service activities by involving partners. Examples of community service activities are MSME assistance, regional economic development, and community empowerment.