Community Service

Vocational College of Universitas Gadjah Mada (SV UGM) is committed to solving various problems faced by society and industry and contributing to the nation’s development. One of the actual activities to support this mission is community service. This activity is part of the Tri Dharma (Three Pillars) of Higher Education, namely education, research, and community service. Various efforts have been and will continue to be made to increase the quantity and quality of community service.

Community service is a notable factor that distinguishes higher education in Indonesia from other countries. At Vocational College UGM, community service synergizes with research and education. It aims to solve various problems through Appropriate Technology and social engineering. The purpose of community service activities at VC UGM is to empower the communities to enhance their independence and welfare based on their creativity and potential in utilizing and optimizing their resources.

The expected outcomes from the community service activities at Vocational College UGM are:

  1. Increase the community’s ability to solve social, economic, cultural, health, and environmental problems based on its initiatives and creativity in utilizing local potentials, natural resources, and human resources
  2. Produce applied science and technology distinctively developed by UGM (methods, technological artifacts, prototypes) to benefit the community/industry/business world/government
  3. Publish the activities, outcomes, and success stories in popular scientific media or national and international journals, video recordings, and booklets.

Vocational College UGM organizes the National Seminar on Community Service Outcomes (SNH2PM) to present the community service’s outcomes. Visit the official page of SNH2PM here:

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