International Mobility

To promote Universitas Gadjah Mada to become a World Class University, Vocational College UGM organizes and runs many International Mobility Programs collaboratively with foreign partners. There are two types of programs provided by Vocational College UGM in general. They are the Inbound Mobility Program and the Outbound Mobility Program. Inbound Mobility Program is designed for international students. Meanwhile, Outbound Mobility Program is offered for Vocational College UGM students.

Through Inbound Mobility Program, Vocational College UGM offers classes for international students in the form of a non-degree program under a cooperation scheme (only provided for partner institutions). The classroom activities that international students can attend are the regular classes. Nonetheless, Vocational College UGM can present tailor-made international activities based on the cooperation agreement with foreign partners.

The Programs

Vocational College UGM runs some Inbound Mobility Programs, most of them are in collaboration with foreign partners, as follows:

  • Student Exchange Program

The Student Exchange Program organized by Vocational College UGM with foreign partners is a non-degree program that runs from 2 weeks to 1 month. This program is designed based on the objectives of each cooperation agreement established by Vocational College UGM with foreign partners. Every Student Exchange Program is unique because our foreign partners have their preferences, interests, and goals. The most common activities included in the Student Exchange Program are socio-cultural exchange, classroom activities (at regular classroom/tailor-made classroom), laboratory works, project-based activities, and community service. The activities can be adjusted and developed into larger scopes following the agreement between the organizing institutions.

  • Lecturer Exchange Program

To develop the lecturers’ capacity and exchange knowledge with lecturers from overseas universities, Vocational College UGM offers Lecturer Exchange Program. This program lets foreign lecturers teach Vocational College UGM students offline or online (peer teaching with Vocational College UGM lecturers). Besides, they can collaborate with Vocational College UGM lecturer(s) to conduct research, paper writing and publication, and community service programs.

  • International Summer Course

International Summer Course is offered for both international students and Vocational College UGM students. This program is designed for multidiscipline participants. Participants from non-partner institutions are very welcome to join. Like other international short courses, the International Summer Course run by Vocational College UGM lasts for about two weeks until one month, depending on how many credits the participants earn at the end of the program. GREAT International Summer Course is a successful example of an annual summer course organized by Vocational College UGM.

  • International Visiting Scholars/Experts

To promote advanced Vocational Higher Education, Vocational College UGM commits to continuously upgrading the lecturers and staff’s competence. The better the competence of their faculty members, the better the achievements of their students. Therefore, Vocational College UGM regularly invites foreign scholars/experts to do collaborative activities within a month. The activities are but are not limited to joint research, curriculum development, laboratory project, workshop, and many more. Since 2014, Vocational College UGM has collaborated with SES Germany, PUM Netherlands, and other International Visiting Scholars/Experts programs.

  • International Learning-Coaching Program (ILCP)

The English Language Study Program initiated ILCP, but now it is available in the other Study Programs. This activity allows international students to attend classes (learning) while providing English Language training (coaching) for their peers.

  • International Internship Program on Japanese Language Teaching

The Japanese Language Study Program offers an international Internship Program on Japanese Language Teaching. International students majoring in Japanese Language, Japanese Letter, or Japanese Language Education from partner universities can intern for two to four weeks in Vocational College UGM.

  • International Fellowship/Youth Voluntary Program

The International Fellowship/Youth Voluntary Program is offered for overseas partner institutions interested in collaborative community service projects. Vocational College UGM can help find the community based on the preference of the overseas partners for community service works/projects. As the partner institution, Vocational College UGM also helps organize and run the programs, recommends the accommodations, corresponds with the community’s chief, and collects students and lecturers as the Liaison Officers and Supervisors.

  • International Conference

Vocational College UGM annually hosts an International Conference, namely International Conference on Technology for Sustainable Development (ICTSD). This conference is offered for lecturers, students, researchers, and practitioners interested in presenting their research findings. Besides, Vocational College also organizes other international conferences/seminars. Each Department at Vocational College UGM often hosts international conferences/seminars based on their scope.

The Language Preference

The English Language is the most common international language used in every International Mobility Program by Vocational College UGM. However, other foreign languages are used in some programs, such as Korean Language, Japanese Language, Chinese Language, Malay, etc.

The Benefits

Despite the international exposures, socio-cultural exchange, and new experiences, the International Mobility Program hosted by Vocational College UGM also brings many other benefits, such as Credit Earning (transferable), Certificate, Waived Program Fees, etc. The agreement between Vocational College UGM and partner institutions will have significant effects on the benefits.

The Program Fees

Most of the International Mobility Programs are free of charge (waived program fees). However, some programs may charge the participants, for example, the International Summer Course and Seminar/Conference.