SV UGM Holds Closing Ceremony to JICA Collaborative Expert Project (2015 – 2017)

Wednesday (13/04/17). Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) through Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers (JOCV) program provides support to Japanese citizens who are willing to contribute to social and economic development around the world. Through this program, the volunteers are not only expected to help developing partner countries, which are likely developing and underdeveloped countries, but also maintain international friendships with local citizens in partner countries. Further, they could also enrich their own knowledge and experiences by doing collaborative projects overseas. Vocational College is one of some faculties in Universitas Gadjah Mada which receive grants from JICA to do collaborative expert project with JOCV. Vocational College hosts a JOCV expert at Japanese Language.

Since 2015 Yoshida Yoko, an expert volunteer from JOCV, has been helping Vocational College in teaching and developing curriculum and teaching materials at Japanese Language study program. She also contributes to prestigious students’ achievements, such as winning the Japanese Language Speech Contest and exchanging students to several Japanese Universities.

During Closing Ceremony at Room 138 Vocational College UGM, Yoshida sensei (red: Teacher Yoshida) said that she was very happy to share and exchange knowledge with lecturers and students at Vocational College. She was very pleased to be part of SV UGM family that she felt at home. So many priceless and unforgetable memories I got from Indonesia”, she said.

Instead of experts at foreign languages, we also provide experts at various fields, such as administration, public works, farming, forestry, fishery, energy, mining, tourism, health and sports. You could propose any experts as you wish if someday you want to do collaboration with JOVC”, she explained further.

Attending this Closing Ceremony was Mrs. Imai Yuki as the representative of JICA for Indonesia. During her visit to Vocational College on Wednesday, 13 April 2017, she gave evaluation towards JICA Collaborative Expert Project at Vocational College UGM and planned new collaboration between two institutions in near future.

It is our pleasure to have collaborative project with Vocational College UGM. We hope that we could do many other collaborative projects together in the future which are not limited to Japanese Language study program since we have many expert volunteers at various fields,” she said. (ty)

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