Student of D3 Medical Record and Health Information Study Program Gained 3rd Winner on the Global Entrepreneurship Youth Summit 2019

Yogyakarta (1/2) – Nadya Anggraini, Student of D3 Medical Record and Health Information SV UGM 2017, won the 3rd Winner on the Global Entrepreneurship Youth Summit 2019 with the title “Life Lighter: Application for Connecting Smoker (want to Quit from Their Bad Habit) with Professional Health Worker at Smoking Cessation Therapy “. The event was held at the Malaysian Global Innovation and Creativity Center (MaGIC) 3730, APEC Broadcasting, Cyberjaya, Selangor, Malaysia on the 26th until 29th January, 2019.

The Global Entrepreneurship Youth Summit is a program to accommodate influencers, the Start-Up community, and industrial owners from various Asia-Pacific region countries who collaborate to solve problems in the field of entrepreneurship and develop innovate ideas and evolutionary. The program is themed “Shaping the Future of Entrepreneur” which consists of several series of events, namely Inoperative Conference, Innovation Lab., Business Innovation Clinics, Gala-Networking and Competition, and Business Plan Competition. The participants also varies from several countries in the Asia-Pacific region such as Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, India, Bangladesh and Indonesia.

Nadya admitted to be very happy and grateful, able to learn from business people and young entrepreneurs in running their business. During the activity, she could get tips on success in the field of entrepreneurship. Not only that, she also got relations and advice for the start-up sector, so that it could be used as an encouragement to realize this idea.

She was motivated to follow this field because she wanted to take part in solving the problem of smoking in Indonesia, which has become the top three causes of deadly diseases. Then she got an idea to create an application that connects smokers who want to quit their cigarette habits, with health workers who have the certification of “Smoking Cessation Therapy”, because the idea is not specific, finally she tries to introduce her idea to entrepreneurs through the program GEYS 2019, with the hope of getting very good advice and criticism.

She also said “Don’t be afraid to dream, when there is one of dream, make it happen, and realize it, many obstacles are okay, but give up is wrong,” she said.