Student of Internet Technology Engineering Won 1st Place Online Student Scientific Writing Competition in the National Level (LKTIM-OTN) 2020

Students of the Internet Engineering Technology Study Program Vocational College UGM, Muhammad Navi Nugraha (Internet Engineering Technology Class of 2019) with Adji Saiddinullah (Regional Development batch 2019) and Fahar Yazid Izdihar (Agricultural Industry Technology batch 2019) won 1st place in the Student Scientific Writing Competition Online National Level (LKTIM-OTN) 2020 in the field of Economics and Development.

The LKTIM-OTN 2020 was organized by the Directorate of Student Affairs of Brawijaya University from May 6th to September 08th, 2020, and was attended by 78 universities (PT) with  297 scientific papers from 6 contested fields.

The 2020 LKTIM-OTN carries the theme “Indonesia Struggles against the Corona Virus Disease (COVID 19) Pandemic”. This competition was held in two stages, namely the paper collection stage, which takes place from 06 May to 07 August 2020, then the final online stage by collecting video presentations which takes place from 24 to 28 August 2020.

Adji and friends won this competition by bringing up the idea of ​​”Cliff Breccia Mixed Tourism as a Management Strategy for Cliff Breccia Tourism in the Period and Post-Covid-19 Pandemic” under the guidance of UGM Regional Development Lecturer, Dr. Estuning Tyas Wulan Mei, M.Sc. The jury judged this idea to have a unique, appropriate concept  and provide added value for the government and society.

“This idea departs from our shared concern to overcome environmental problems as well as problems due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has paralyzed the economy of residents in the Breksi Cliff area. The implementation of the new normal in this area is an opportunity and momentum for the development of environmental quality as well as improving the people’s economy while still prioritizing the COVID-19 prevention protocol. Therefore, here we have initiated the concept of mixed tourism in the management of Breksi Cliff tourism,” said Adji as the group leader.

The mixed tourism concept initiated by Adji and his friends was a tourism concept by combining forms of onsite tourism and virtual tourism. These two forms of tourism are then subdivided into several criteria and each criterion has several indicators that have been adjusted to the existing environmental and economic conditions of the residents during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Alhamdulillah, we hope that our ideas can become a consideration in making the right strategies and policies regarding efforts to improve the economy of people who depend on tourism activities in the Breksi Cliff area or other tourism areas that have the same characteristics during and after the COVID-19 pandemic while continuing to pay attention to environmental sustainability and COVID-19 prevention protocols,” Adji concluded.

Photo Source: M. Navi Nugraha