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Vocational College Launches “POTMASEVO Awards” for High-Achiever Students

Student Parents Association of Vocational College Gadjah Mada (POTMASEVO GAMA) was established with the intention to increase cooperation and communication among student parents to succeed the education and teaching-learning activities. Mr. Amin is currently appointed as the chairperson of POTMASEVO.

There are many activities organized by POTMASEVO, such as providing financial aids for less-fortunate students, providing scholarships and giving supports to students in improving their self-development.

During the parents gathering of freshman students (7/08/17) Wikan Sakarinto, S.T., M.T., Ph. D., as the Dean of Vocational College UGM, extended his remarks that POTMASEVO is currently collaborating with the faculty to create “POTMASEVO Awards”. The awards aim at appreciating high-achiever students and the most active students in organizations.

“The terms and conditions of POTMASEVO AWARDS will be shared only through Vocational Apps. So, students and parents are highly recommended to install the application,” he said.

Wikan also stated that it is a must for parents to know the functions and the benefits of this organization. There would be many new decisions and academic regulations related to POTMASEVO the parents should give respect to. To his belief, any decisions made by the offical board of POTMASEVO aim at something good and positive.

Sharing similar thoughts with Wikan, Amin explained that he will make continuous efforts to manage the organization especially related to the funds received by POTMASEVO. He asserted that the official board will manage and distribute new innovations for good.

“This month we will launch POTMASEVO Awards as one of the activities we designed to help and appreciate our students who deserve it,” he said.

Amin claimed that, as student parents, we must be wise in addressing every faculty decision and in supporting our children to succeed the teaching-learning process in this university. As parents, we should cooperate well, show tolerance and make the best attempts to support our children in achieving the best. (ty)

SV UGM to Invite 20 Professors and Experts from Germany in 2017


On Wednesday (10/01/2017), Office of International Affairs Vocational College UGM (OIA SV UGM) held a workshop of collaboration with Senior Experten Service (SES) Germany. This kind of event has been held for the second time since SV UGM and SES Germany been collaborating in 2014. This collaboration follows the scheme of inviting Senior Professors or/and Senior Experts from Germany and other European countries to give assistance to lecturers and to give material supports on important aspects inside vocational education, namely curriculum, practice based teaching-learning methods, field and laboratory works and so on.

Vice Dean of Research, Community Service and International Affairs Dr. Silvi Nur Oktalina, S.Hut., M.Si. attended the workshop to deliver her speech of appreciation and support for this collaborative program.

The Workshop attended by Heads of Department, Heads of Study Program, lecturers and staffs was opened by Dean of Vocational College UGM Wikan Sakarinto, S.T., M. Sc., Ph. D.

“The collaborations carried by SV UGM these years aim at creating vigorous spirit for SV UGM and Indonesia in the future” he said.

According to Wikan, the collaboration between SV UGM and SES is expected to awaken worthwhile innovations at Vocational College. Until today, this collaboration has brought positive impacts to study programs involved. It leads to a new target that in 2017 SV UGM would invite about 20 professors and experts from SES.

In addition, Adam Pamma as the representative of SES Germany in Indonesia becoming the main guest speaker of the workshop, said that 56% graduates from High School in Germany prefer to pursue higher degree in Vocational Colleges.

“Automotive, Chemistry, and Engineering are the most favorite fields of study ever since. For better education and development, it is highly suggested if SV UGM could adopt the teaching-learning methods applied in German vocational education,” Adam said.

“There are three experts ready to come to SV UGM this year. They are Prof. Dr. Berd Teichert for Remote Sensing, Prof. Dr. Ing. Em. Wilfried Hesser for Dual-System of Mechanical Engineering, and Prof. Dr. Ing. Wolfram Stanek for Electronics and Intrumentation,” he added.

The program hosted by Andri Handayani, S.S., M.A. as Manager of OIA SV UGM, then be followed by discussion and presentation session. This session involved two-way communication between the participants and the guest speaker. It allowed the participants to share their thoughts and opinions as well as asking some questions right to the guest speaker to get useful feedbacks. At the end, this workshop was closed by proposal submission from the participants. (trl by Tyas)

SV UGM strengthens the Collaboration of Marine Transportation with PIP Semarang

PIP Semarang

On Thursday, (13/1) Vocational College (SV) UGM visited Semarang Merchant Marine Polytechnic (PIP Semarang) signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Director of PIP Semarang. At the same way with one of great programs of The President Joko Widodo about the development of marine’s highway and make Indonesia become the central of world’s maritime, through the community empowerment for underprivileged society of Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries Republic of Indonesia, PIP Semarang has trusted to educate underprivileged youth in Central Java and Yogyakarta for the marine labor, collaborated with Vocational College UGM and Universitas Diponegoro to prepare candidates from each area.

Minister of Transportation Republic Indonesia, Budi Karya Sumadi who attended to this MoU signing contract said that “Indonesia nowadays not only full of import product, but also the full of import labor, no need to regret about this matter, but we have to make this as the new spirit to improve our self”.

Through that training program, all the youth which come from underprivileged family is expected to work as the crew of ship. Director of PIP Semarang said that this training program is planned will take 14 days with the case of  basic safety program, security awareness training, and advance firefighting training which are the basic training that have to be needed by the crew of ship. In other hand, all the participants of this program will get some facilities like training module and insurance.

“The Participants will also get the marine certificate as the proof of the own competence and will offered to cruise company as the labor” he said.

Radhian Krisna Putra as the Vice Dean for Partnership, Alumni and Strategic Initiative, said that the collaboration between SV UGM with PIP Semarang will include three things, there are recruitment process and debriefing the candidate’s participants of the basic competence of marine, sandwich program which educate the graduates of Mechanical Engineering Program and Electrical Engineering Program SV UGM to get the certificate of Sailor Competence AT-III, and open the opportunity for the students of SV UGM to do the internship about the maritime science in the training ship of PIP Semarang. (Trsl By Dhemaz)

Interlace 9 years Cooperation, SV UGM and President of PAS (Republic of Korea) agreed to extend the Memorandum of Understanding

On Friday (06/11) Vocational College (SV) and Faculty of Cultural Science (FIB) UGM held the signing contract extension of collaboration with Pacific Asia Society (PAS). PAS is an organization consists of students from several universities in Republic of Korea. This is the ninth year about the program which held every year since 9 years ago.

At least 27 Students of Republic Korea sent to Indonesia to learn and exchange about the Language, Arts, and Culture.

Supriadianto S.S., M.A., (the Head of Korean Language study program) said “In addition to participate the exchange program, the students were involved to social activities like visit the orphanage.”

This program will be held for 3 weeks from 5 – 15 January 2017.  At the same time with the opening ceremony of the program, 3 Leaders of each party already signed the extending MoU of Collaboration (President of PAS, Dean of SV UGM and Vice Dean of FIB UGM)

The Signing MoU held in Auditorium of Faculty of Cultural Science and attended by leaders from all the 3 institutions. Wikan Sakarinto (Dean of SV UGM) in his speech said that in the near future SV UGM will always develop collaboration with PAS that already existed and well. “ Besides the visit from Korean students to UGM, PAS also offering opportunity to Students and Lecturer of UGM to participate the summer program for 3 weeks in Korea”. (Trslt. By Dhemaz)

SV UGM – Jeonju Volunteer Center, Korea Established Collaboration on Socio-Cultural Programs


Thursday (19/01), Jeonju Volunteer Center, the Republic of Korea visited Vocational College UGM (SV UGM) in order to enhance bilateral relations between the two institutions. Jeonju Volunteer Center is an organization doing social works focusing on children around the world. Composed of students from several universities in Korea, this organization every year visits on average 11 countries in Asia Pacific, including Indonesia.

Taking place at Vocational College UGM, there was Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signing between Vocational College UGM represented by the Dean, Wikan Sakarinto, S.T., M.Sc., Ph.D. and Jeoju Volunteer Center represented by Prof. Lee Hye Sook on behalf of the President.

The collaboration, which is previously initiated by Korean Language Study Program, aiming at developing rural and underdeveloped areas by performing socio-cultural joint-activities,  volunteering, and education.

Wikan said that SV UGM, as the partner of Jeonju Volunteer Center and the representative of Indonesia, is willing to provide information support needed by the volunteers under the collaboration program.

“Both parties should be respectful to each other. In the future, we expect that not only students from Korea visiting Indonesia but vice versa,” said Wikan.

Attending and witnessing this MoU Signing Ceremony were Team Leader of Jeonju Volunteer Center Prof. Lee Hye Sook, Personal Manager Mr. Yoon Seung Hyeon and Assistant Manager Mr. Song Hyun Taek, Manager of Office of International Affairs SV UGM Andri Handayani, S.S., M.A., and Head of Korean Language Study Program SV UGM Supriadianto, S.S., M.A. (Trl by Tyas)

Vocational College UGM enhance the collaboration with SES GERMANY


Following up the result of the meeting of Senior Experten Services (SES) Germany (10/01) to invite professors to SV UGM, Office of International Affairs SV UGM held the presentation of the proposals which already made by each study program or department in SV UGM.

This meeting participated by the representatives of study program and also attended by Adam Pamma, the representative of SES Germany. This proposal’s presentation aimed to propose Professor according to what the study programs or departments need. The cost of this collaboration fully funded by University, The study program is only need to provide the local transportation and meals during the contract.

The representatives of each study programs presented the proposals and led by Adam Pamma, hopefully the study programs or departments will get the best Professor for their units. The Professors will visit SV UGM in 3 weeks on average. This Collaboration is planned to start in the beginning of April 2017, this thing is in the same way with the target of SV UGM to bring in 20 Professors in 2017.

Vocational College UGM Established Collaboration with PT. Wijaya Karya Tbk for Student Internship and Training Program

On Wednesday (04/01/2017), Vocational College (SV) UGM and PT. Wijaya Karya (Persero) Tbk in Jakarta signed a Memorandum of Agreement on student internship and training program. The signing was attended by General Manager Human Capital PT. Wijaya Karya (Persero) Tbk Agung Yunanto and the Officials of Vocational College UGM including Dean Wikan Sakarinto, S.T., M.Sc., Ph.D., Director of Vocational Development Center Ir. Hotma Prawoto Sulistyadi, M.T., IP-Md., Vice Dean for Partnerships and Strategic Initiatives Radhian Krisnaputra, S.T., M.Eng., and Manager of Public Relation and TIK Supriadianto, S.S., M.A.

This collaboration includes activities aiming at enhancing the skill quality of students by attending industrial and technical internship and training program in PT. Wijaya Karya (Persero) Tbk within 5 to 6 months.

This MoA Signing is a follow-up towards the signing of Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between PT. Wijaya Karya (Persero) Tbk and Universitas Gadjah Mada. Instead of Vocational College, there were Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Law of UGM signing the MoA at the same time.

“Each year, PT. Wijaya Karya (Persero) Tbk demands 2500 human resources. This condition leads Vocational College UGM to establish collaboration which accomodates students in doing internship. It would also give us golden opportunity to promote our students to work in PT. Wijaya Karya (Persero) Tbk after graduation by passing some screenings beforehand, “ Radhian said.

By this agreement signing, the student internship and training program agreed between Vocational College UGM and PT. Wijaya Karya (Persero) Tbk could be organized further by full support from various aspects in Vocational College UGM.

Strengthening Cooperation on Transportation Sector, SV UGM Collaborates with Ministry of Transportation of Indonesia


Vocational College (SV) UGM and Ministry of Transportation of Infonesia (Kemenhub) agreed to establish cooperation on developing education on transportation.

Thursday (05/01), visit by Dean of Vocational College UGM Wikan Sakarinto, ST., M. Sc., Ph. D., Vice Dean for Collaboration and Strategic Initiatives Radhian Krisnaputra, S. T., M. Eng., and Director of Vocational Development Center SV UGM Ir. Hotma Prawoto Sulistyadi , M. T., IP. Md to the Office of Ministry of Transportation was warmly welcome by the Minister of Transportation himself, Budi Karya Sumadi, and staffs.

To support the training program for people in Yogyakarta, who could not pursue higher education due to economic causes, organized by Ministry of Transportation of Indonesia, SV UGM was appointed as its partner especially to prepare the human resources.

‘In March 2017, we expect to already collect the list of human resources who are willing and ready to take part in this program. Therefore, we could do some publications and screenings,” Radhian said.

The training program would be 100% free of charge for people in Yogyakarta who could not pursue higher education due to economic causes. Further, it is designed to graduate professional human resources who are ready to work as sailing crew, shipboard maintenance staff, or else, he added.

This collaboration aims at helping less educated people and improving transportation facilities in purpose to give abundant advantages to many people. It is recognized as strategic initiative by Ministry of Transportation for its focus on developing vocational education.

Besides, on the same day, Vocational College also visited Indonesian Aviation Academy or Sekolah Tinggi Penerbangan Indonesia (STPI) Curug to meet the Head of STPI Curug.

The Officials of SV UGM enjoyed a tour inside STPI Curug to see the laboratories and some essential tools used for teaching learning process. Further, referring to the plan of developing Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) of aircraft concentration under Study Program of Maintenance and Management of Heavy Equipment, during this visit, both of institutions were sharing thoughts about the history of establishing STPI Curug as well the aircraft maintenance system.

“As a state academy under Ministry of Transportation, STPI could be a good model for Vocational College UGM to establish professional education on aviation sector,” Wikan Sakarinto said.

This collaboration is expected to run smoothly and involve various units in Vocational College UGM. It could be a steppingstone of establishing solutions towards transportation problems and of developing public services. (Trl by Tyas)

Preparing Human Resources on Aircraft Maintenance, SV UGM and PT Garuda Maintenance Facility (GMF) Synergize with Each Other


Monday (09/01/2017). Considering the fact that there are few aircraft maintenance workshops in Indonesia, Vocational College UGM (SV UGM) realized that it is necessary to prepare skilful human resources on aircraft maintenance. A significant way to prepare it is by accelerating the formation of Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) of aircraft under the management of Maintenance and Management of Heavy Equipment Engineering Study Program.

To support the idea of developing MRO concentration, SV UGM visited PT. Garuda Maintenance Facility (GMF) aiming at the agenda of mapping the demands of human resources in PT. GMF (5/1/2017). Attending this visit were Dean of Vocational College UGM Wikan Sakarinto, ST., M. Sc., Ph. D., Vice Dean for Collaboration and Strategic Initiatives Radhian Krisnaputra, S. T., M. Eng., and Director of Vocational Development Center Ir. Hotma Prawoto Sulistyadi , M. T., IP-Md.  Visit from SV UGM was warmly welcome by Director Human Capital Heriyanto Agung Putra and staffs.

Further, Radhian said, MRO concentration would be added in Study Program of Maintenance and Management of Heavy Equipment Engineering to yield skilful graduates to work at institutions and companies regarding the human resources on aircraft maintenance. To be expected in the future, there is no need for Indonesian aircrafts to get maintenance abroad but in Indonesia.

SV UGM became the 10th educational institution to have joint project with PT. GMF following 9 polytechnics in Indonesia. Referring that collaboration, SV UGM be given opportunity to send some internship students to PT. GMF.

By taking advantages of establishing collaboration with PT. GMF, SV UGM expects to be an outstanding educational institution which is acknowledged of being the center of vocational education for aircraft maintenance both nationally and internationally. SV UGM also expects to be an independent, competitive and professional institution. (Trl by Tyas)

7 Vocational College UGM Students are Participating Student Exchange and Advanced Study Programs in the Republic of Korea

img-20160225-wa0002There are 7 Vocational College  (SV UGM) students from Korean Language Study Program are participating Student Exchange Program and Advanced Study Program in 2 universities in the Republic of Korea. Five of them are taking part in Student Exchange Program. Leliyana Putritama, Anugrah Anggraeni, Ahadilla Nur’ais Hartono Putri and Mar’atus Solikhah are staying in Gangneung Wonju National University (GWNU) for 2 semesters meanwhile Irawan Setiadi is staying in Gyeongsang National University (GNU) for 1 semester. On the other hand, 2 other students namely Indhira Kusuma Wardani and Aruna Pandu Ardiyan are attending advanced study program for Bachelor Degree in GWNU Korea.

SupriadiantoS.S, M.A., the Chair Person of Korean Language Study program explained that those five students are granted scholarship from Korean Government Scholarship Program (KGSP) to participate in Student Exchange Program. The scholarship covers the whole expenses.

“KGSP Scholarship is full scholarship for students. It covers round-trip flight tickets, tuition fee, dormitory, and living expenses,” Mr. Supriadianto known as Adi Kyosunim said.

Speaking of Advanced Study Program, Korean Language Study Program has been granted Global Government Scholarsip Program (GGSP) covering living expenses and dormitory for 2 graduates/alumni for 3 – 4 semesters.

According to Director of SV UGM, Ir. Hotma Prawoto Sulistyadi, M.T.,IP-Md., during his speech in farewell ceremony for those students on February 25, 2016, the Student Exchange and Advanced Study Programs are the realization of partnership between SV UGM and several universities and governmental institutions in Korea.

Hotma added that, every year, Korean Language Study Program frequently sends its students to Korea for either Student Exchange Program or Advanced Study Program (Bachelor Program).

“Instead of learning Korean Language intensively, the students will also learn about Korean culture and custom. They will be involved in various cultural events in Korea,” he explained. (Humas SV)