Laboratories at Vocational College (SV) UGM roles as center of research and means of teaching-learning enhancement. The laboratories are located in the eight (8) departments in SV consisting of (1) Engineering Laboratory; (2) Computer Laboratory; and (3) Language Laboratory.

Laboratories in the field of Engineering is expected to become a place of self-development and the development of engineering sciences through research, practical work and scientific discussion. Language Laboratory is a facility devoted to support language learning activities. Facilities in the Language Laboratory are a complete set of audio equipment and TVs. By those facilities, students are free to listen to the lecture materials comfortably. On the other hand, the Computer Laboratory is a laboratory that focuses on the field of computer and development of information system at the Vocational College UGM.

The laboratories could be used to support the following activities: practices, personal research and joint research, community service, teaching-learning, discussion, simulation, thesis, certification or else.

  1. Medical Records Laboratory
  2. Remote Sensing Laboratory
  3. Geographic Information System Laboratory
  4. Geomatics Laboratory
  5. Biological and Veterinary Technology Laboratory
  6. Design Laboratory
  7. Materials and Production Process Laboratory
  8. Machining Process Laboratory
  9. Control and Automation Laboratory
  10. Industrial Machinery Maintenance Laboratory
  11. Industrial Equipment Laboratory
  12. Transport Laboratories and Workshops
  13. Hydraulics and Environmental Laboratory and Workshop
  14. Structural Laboratories and Workshops
  15. Building Materials Laboratory
  16. Soil Mechanics Laboratory
  17. Construction Management Laboratory
  18. Computing laboratory
  19. Drawing Studio Laboratory
  20. Instrumentation and Control Laboratory
  21. Electronics Laboratory
  22. Electrical Power Engineering Laboratory
  23. Technology and Network Application Laboratory
  24. Software Engineering Laboratory
  25. Economics Laboratory
  26. Accounting and Business Development Laboratory
  27. Archives Laboratory
  28. Language Laboratory; and
  29. Tourism Laboratory