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Operational Hours

  • Monday – Thursday, 08.00am – 03.30pm, Break 12.00pm – 01.00pm
  • Friday, 08.00am – 02.30pm, Break 11.00am – 01.00pm

Membership Requirements

a. Academicians of Universitas Gadjah Mada

  • Students
  • Lecturers and Staffs


  • Showing a valid Student Card for student applicants and / or Employee Card, copy of Employee Certification for lecturer/staff applicants
  • Filling the application form
  • Submitting 2 pieces of colored photos (size 2×3 cm)
  • Member Card is valid up to graduation

b. Non-Academicians of Universitas Gadjah Mada

Non-Academician of UGM users who wish to make a brief visit and to use library facilities of Vocational College can be served with the terms and conditions as follows:

  • Showing a valid Identity Card
  • Filling form of visit
  • Paying IDR 5,000 for one day visit or IDR 25,000 for one semester visit. Non-Academians of UGM users are only allowed to read and/or copy books inside the library


a. Rights of Members

  • Taking advantages of the whole facilities, such as book collections and other facilities by following the applied rules and restrictions
  • Using Wifi and free internet services
  • Obtaining best services of library in attempt to find demanded information

b. Obligations

  • Filling form of visitor/users on provided computer
  • Dressing appropriately
  • Keeping the surrounding in good order and serene
  • Self reporting to on-duty officer (for Non-Academicians of UGM)

c. Restrictions

  • No shorts and/or flip-flops allowed
  • No smoking allowed
  • No eat and drink allowed
  • No carrying bags, books, jackets and other stuffs allowed except notebook and valuable goods
  • No vandalism and harmful activities allowed

d. Penalties

  • Users/visitors wearing shorts and/or flip-flops at library should pay IDR 50,000
  • Users/visitors smoking at library should pay IDR 100,000 each
  • Users/visitors eating and drinking at library should pay IDR 50,000
  • Users/visitors carrying bags, maps, books, jackets and other stuffs except notebook and valuable goods inside the library should pay IDR 50,000
  • Users/visitors breaking any equipment at library should replace it by him/herself
  • Users/visitors losing a valid Library Member Card should pay IDR 5,000 for replacement


a. Borrowing Books

  • Each member is allowed to borrow at maximum 2 books within a week. It could be extended once. Students from different faculty at UGM are allowed to borrow books within 3 days only. Meanwhile, reserved books (c.1) could be borrowed within 3 days only
  • Late return will get penalty to pay IDR 1,000 per book per day. For reserved books (c.1) the penalty is to pay IDR 2,500 per book per day
  • Every lost book/collection should be replaced equally (with the new one) as well as penalty should be paid
  • Books with R (Reference) mark are not allowed to be borrowed, unless to be read or copied at library

b. Statement Letter of Library-Free

  • Statement Letter of Library-Free is given to students who are about to proceed yudisium/graduation
  • Requirements:
    i. Showing a valid Student Card
    ii. Submitting softcopy of Final Project/Paper in PDF (including bookmark)
    iii. No longer borrowing any book or having obligation to pay any penalty to library

c. Photocopy

To copy library collections/books, users must contact the on duty officer and must pay IDR 200 per page. Non-Academicians of UGM users/visitors should pay extra fee IDR 5,000 for book maintenance.

d. Locker

  • Users/visitors could use locker facility by showing a valid Student Card or Identity Card
  • Users/visitors could only use locker within operational hours
  • Users/visitors losing the locker key should replace it with the new one
  • Any lost in the locker should not take any responsibility on the library/officers (ty)

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