Penalaran Center Community (PCC)

Penalaran Center Community of Vocational College, Universitas Gadjah Mada (PCC VC UGM) is a community under the governance of Vocational College, Universitas Gadjah Mada. PCC’s primary roles are as achievements generator and a vessel to accommodate and increase the creativity of Vocational College students.

Penalaran Center Community provides several facilities for Vocational College UGM students, including persuasive information to synergize all students to achieve prestigious achievements either from competitions or other activities. The activities done by PCC are providing info sessions, doing roadshows to departments, and collaborating with the Student Association (KMD). Penalaran Center Community (PCC SV UGM) consists of 5 divisions, including:

1. PKM Corner Division

PKM Corner Division is a division that is engaged in facilitating VC UGM students to develop and embody their creativity through the Student Creativity Program & National Students Science Week (PIMNAS).

Job description:

  • Preparing Vocational College UGM students for PIMNAS.
  • Fostering a writing culture among Vocational College UGM students.
  • Upscaling creativity and innovation of Vocational College UGM students.
  • Promoting opportunities for the development of student potential in scientific activities.

2. Mapres Corner Division

Mapres Corner Division is a division that is engaged in the preparation and selection of The Outstanding Students from the Applied Undergraduate Programs.

Job description:

  • Preparing Vocational College UGM students to compete in the UGM PILMAPRES (selection of the outstanding students).
  • Motivating students to synergize their hard skills and soft skills.
  • Building the capacity of Vocational College UGM students.
  • Creating programs based on training, inspiration, and development thus Vocational College UGM students could have a spirit of competition.
  • Providing any information about seminars, conferences, and competitions at national and international levels.

3. Entrepreneurship Division

Entrepreneurship Division encourages Vocational College UGM students to develop an interest in creative entrepreneurship and reach for achievement in entrepreneurship. This division accommodates and directs students to obtain entrepreneurship skills and compete to get grants to support their entrepreneurial activities.

Job description:

  • Encouraging the formation of entrepreneurial students who are well educated, have character, and have clear business concepts to accelerate the growth of the nation’s economic development towards an independent and prosperous nation.
  • Encouraging the formation of an entrepreneurship education model at Vocational College, Universitas Gadjah Mada.
  • Providing opportunities for students to see the world of entrepreneurial work.
  • Strengthening the relationship between the academic world and the business world, especially SMEs.
  • Cultivating young entrepreneurs, job creators, and future successful entrepreneurs.

4. HRD Division

HR Division regulates, manages, and conducts regeneration and empowers human resources to support competency and career development to achieve organizational goals.

The HRD Division has two sub-divisions, namely the supervision sub-division and the development sub-division.

Job description:

  • Supervision Sub-division

This sub-division supervises the performance of all PCC members, oversees the work programs formulated by each division, and supervises the compliance and orderliness of members in participating in each PCC activity.

  • Development Sub-division

This sub-division develops the internal organs of PCC, resolves internal problems, creates bonding among members, encourages the divisions that have experienced setbacks in implementing work programs, and is responsible for all administrators and alumni databases of PCC.

5. Public Relations and Creative Media Division

Public Relations and Creative Media Division is a division that acts as a bridge between PCC and both internal and external networks. Public Relations serves as the central media of communication with fellow student organizations and professionals. Meanwhile, Creative Media is a division engaged in content creation publication.

Job description:

  • Public Relations Sub-division

This sub-division serves as a liaison between PCC and the organizations inside and outside Vocational College UGM. The organizations include UKM, BEM, KM/HM, BSO, University’s Officials, Directorate of Academic and Student Affairs, Faculties, and Center Studies. In addition, this division also acts as the organizer of all PCC social media accounts. Their job includes posting content about working programs and daily content containing greetings and communications.

  • Creative Media Sub-division

This sub-division prepares and makes Creative Designs for each content that PCC will publish on social media. The types of content created include Poster Design, Infographic Design, and Video Editing. This sub-division is also in charge of maintaining and controlling the PCC Official Website.

PCC official website: