Teaching Industry Learning Center (TILC)

1. Center of Excellence (CoE) Industrial Product Design and Development

Industrial Product Development

Center of Excellence for Industrial Product Design and Development (CoE IPD) focuses on transforming research findings into products or services. The main scientific competencies involve mechanical engineering and electrical engineering (electronics, information technology, and IoT). Its objectives are to process raw materials into finished products. CoE IPD is very open to collaborating with other fields such as health, civil engineering, animal husbandry, etc., as the second-layer motors of activities. The main activity of CoE IPD is product development funded by partner industries, government funds, and University funds.

Contact Person: Dr.Eng. Agustinus Winamo, S.T., M.Eng.

at winarno_agustinus@ugm.ac.id

2. Center of Excellence (CoE) Smart and Green Building Information 

Smart and Green Building Modelling

Center for Excellence for Smart and Green Building Modeling (CoE SGBM) UGM aims to play a role in implementing technological innovation, especially about sustainable construction. To increase innovation, CoE SGBM requires support and collaboration from various parties through a quadruple or even quintuple helix innovation framework as the government has launched the quadruple helix innovation framework. Center for Excellence in Smart and Green Building Modeling at the Teaching Industry Learning Center of the Vocational College UGM focuses on supporting research and development of Building Information Modeling (BIM) implementation in Indonesia through two main activities: 1) Collaboration Research in Smart and Green Building Modeling by developing BIM, GIS, and Green Building standards; providing guidance for the effective implementation of Smart and Green Building; modeling at the enterprise, project, and industry levels; preparing BIM templates and guidelines covering several disciplines, such as architecture, structure, GIS, and MEP; developing BIM and GIS data and information management systems; developing research collaborations related to smart systems such as GIS, BIM, and Green Building; 2) Human resources quality development for Smart and Green Building Modeling by improving the Guide to Adoption of BIM, GIS, and Green Building; training on BIM, GIS, and Green Building, BIM internships on infrastructure projects; conducting research collaboration on BIM, GIS, and Green Building; preparing curriculum about Smart and Green Building Modeling (in collaboration with stakeholders, Public Works and Housing, and other related parties).

Contact Person: Dr.Eng. Wakhidatik Nurfaida, S.T., M.Eng.

at wakhidatik@ugm.ac.id

3. Center of Excellence (CoE) Creative Industry 

The concept of the Creative Industry Center aims to increase the capacity and competence of students in collaboration with lecturers, enterprises, and industries following the vision and missions of the University. The creative sector employs individual creativity, skills, and talents to create innovation and develop technology.

Center of Excellence for Creative Industry is managed based on research and community service policy at Vocational College with full support from its Departments. As one of the mainstays, the Creative Industry Center is a place to create innovation in creative sectors for lecturers, students, staff, and stakeholders (government, industry, and business enterprises). More broadly, this center could be a mediator between the government, business enterprises, and vocational education institutions to create an integrated system for developing the quality of human resources to empower the real sectors. Precisely, the Center of Excellence for Creative Industry can become a learning support system for vocational education through creative industries. Simultaneously, it becomes a liaison for cooperation between the working world and vocational education institutions, both in the academic field in business development.

4. Center of Excellence (CoE) Business Development Center

Center of Excellence for Business Development Center (CoE BDC) is designed not only for the Department of Economics and Business. However, this center can accommodate the other departments interested in collaborating their research and community service in economics and business. The focus of this center, more specifically, is on the creative economy sector. However, it includes other scientific fields related to the creative economy.

The development of business and creative economy is not limited to product development. Still, it also involves providing services and even prior processes such as identifying economic potential and formulating related policies. CoE BDC aims to: 1) develop academic innovation; 2) provide facilities to support the implementation of applied research, collaborative research, and product development; 3) provide facilities for the development of human resources; and 4) expand the network and the implementation of link and match between university-industry-government and society.

Contact Person: Yudistira Hendra Permana, S.E., M.Sc,. Ph.D.

at yudistira_hp@ugm.ac.id 

5. Center of Excellence (CoE) Smart System and Innovation Center

Smart System Innovation and Big data

The topic of research activities at the Center of Excellence for Smart System and Innovation Center includes all scientific fields and departments at Vocational College. Smart, innovation, and big data are the popular keywords in Industry 4.0 concerning automation, big data, cloud computing, autonomous, the internet of things, and data management.

The Center of Excellence for Smart System and Innovation Center can support one of the SDGs, the Pillar of Economic Development. The indicators of successful economic development based on the SDGs are quality economic growth through sustainable employment and business opportunities, innovation, inclusive industry, sufficient infrastructure, affordable clean energy, and cooperation. Hence, the focus areas of activities in this Center of Excellence are mostly about sustainable innovation, sufficient infrastructure, and partnership.

Contact Person: Unan Yusmaniar Oktiawati, S.T., M.Sc, Ph.D.

at unan_yusmaniar@ugm.ac.id  

6. Center of Excellence (CoE) Cultural & Tourism Center

The central objective in optimizing the Center of Excellence for Cultural & Tourism Center is the development of tourism products, archives, and applied foreign languages. It is related to the study programs run by the Department of Languages, Arts, and Cultural Management of SV UGM. The study programs are the Bachelor of Applied Travel Business, the Bachelor of Applied Archives and Records Management, and the Bachelor of Applied English. The other topics this Center of Excellence can cultivate but are not limited to attractions and tourist destinations management; tourism business; tour and travel management; archives preservation and conservation; conventional, audiovisual, and electronic archives management; records and archives management, business communication; arts, culture, and media management; applied linguistics.

The implementation of applied research, community service, and product innovation prototype development related to the topics mentioned earlier can be carried out cross-disciplinary among study programs or departments at Vocational College UGM, among faculties at UGM, among universities around the world, and between the academics and industrial partners.

Contact Person: Muhamad Sidiq Wicaksono, S.E., M.Sc.

at m.sidiq.wicaksono@mail.ugm.ac.id

7. Center of Excellence (CoE) Agro Technology and Halal Study Center

Center of Excellence for Agro Technology and Halal Study Center (CoE ATHSC) focuses on developing the fields of applied agrotechnology and halal studies. Agrotechnology continues to innovate following human needs, for example, food security and environmental sustainability. CoE for Agro Technology and Halal Study Center aims to contribute to the development of science and research in agrotechnology and halal studies for the welfare of Indonesia and the world.

The objectives of establishing the Center of Excellence for Agro Technology and Halal Study Center are to conduct applied research in agrotechnology and halal studies, to increase multi-disciplinary research networks for innovations, to collaborate with stakeholders and partners in creating applicable solutions for real issues in the community and the World of Business and Industry, and to support the dissemination and implementation of research findings.

Contact Person: Ahdiar Fikri Maulana, S.Hut., M.Agr., Ph.D.

at ahdiar.f.maulana@ugm.ac.id