English Study Program SV UGM becomes the Host for Kapurel Goes to Campus

Sekolah Vokasi (25/1) – English Study Program Sekolah Vokasi (SV) UGM hosted the Public Relations Family (Kapurel) Meeting Goes to Campus. Kapurel always holds regular meetings every month and presents different speakers. The event was attended by inviting guests from lecturers of the English Language Study Program and PR from various business organizations or institutions in Yogyakarta.

As the Head of Kapurel Yogyakarta, Mr. Hairullah Gazali in his remarks said that “This meeting is different because it is our first time to conduct it in campus. Usually, the meeting is held in the hotels. This time we bring the theme ‘Creating Brand Value’, about how Public Relations can work together with marketing in building a brand,” he said.

Then, Ms. Erlin Estiana Yuanti, S.S., M.A., as Head of English Study Program, welcomed and thanked the guests for coming.
“We aim that in the future the curriculum will focus on the application of English in the Business Communication specifically for Public Relations. Hopefully, we can all work together,” she said.

The speaker of Kapurel Goes to Campus at SV UGM is Mr. Agus Putranto, M.Sc., Head of Cooperation and Promotion Office and Lecturer of Communication Studies Program at Universitas Atma Jaya, Yogyakarta. He explained that “Brand is the asset with the greatest value compared to other assets in a company, so that the company must have credibility and be able to build a good image through reputation and have a clear direction of business development.”