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Visit from Ibaraki University, Japan

Ibaraki University visited SV UGM on February 6, 2019. Mr. Keito Motegi, representative of Ibaraki University OIA staff, was accompanied by Ni Nyoman Indriyani from the UGM Faculty of Agriculture UGM, and the staff of OIA SV UGM. The visit was part of the agenda of Staff Exchange program from Ibaraki University Office of International Affairs (OIA). During the event, SV UGM representative shared about Sekolah Vokasi UGM, then shared about the possibility of collaborating with Ibaraki University such as Student Exchange, Internship or Community Service, which had previously been carried out by the Faculty of Agriculture UGM, especially in the field of Agriculture and Agroindustry. 

Exchange CWNU Summer Camp 2019 in Korea

Changwon National University invites 2 Vocational College UGM students to participate in the CWNU Summer Camp 2019 in Korea (9 – 27 July 2019)

1) Program details
3 weeks summer camp designed for partner university students to enhance their understanding of Korean, especially Changwon city, as well as Changwon National University.

2) Activities
– Korean Language Class
– Cultural Activities
– Field Trip
– Team Project

3) Fees
Students are only responsible for round flight tickets & pocket money

4) Eligible Applicants
– Active students of Vocational College UGM
– Good in academic & active in campus activities
– Having good communication skills in English

5) Application documents
– CV in English
– Copy of Academic Transcript
– Copy of Passport
– Motivation Letter
– Copy of Toefl Certificate; minimum score ITP >500

All documents must be submitted online in PDF format to with subject: CWNU Summer Camp 2019_[Name of Applicant] no later than April 22, 2019

English Study Program SV UGM becomes the Host for Kapurel Goes to Campus

Sekolah Vokasi (25/1) – English Study Program Sekolah Vokasi (SV) UGM hosted the Public Relations Family (Kapurel) Meeting Goes to Campus. Kapurel always holds regular meetings every month and presents different speakers. The event was attended by inviting guests from lecturers of the English Language Study Program and PR from various business organizations or institutions in Yogyakarta.

As the Head of Kapurel Yogyakarta, Mr. Hairullah Gazali in his remarks said that “This meeting is different because it is our first time to conduct it in campus. Usually, the meeting is held in the hotels. This time we bring the theme ‘Creating Brand Value’, about how Public Relations can work together with marketing in building a brand,” he said.

Then, Ms. Erlin Estiana Yuanti, S.S., M.A., as Head of English Study Program, welcomed and thanked the guests for coming.
“We aim that in the future the curriculum will focus on the application of English in the Business Communication specifically for Public Relations. Hopefully, we can all work together,” she said.

The speaker of Kapurel Goes to Campus at SV UGM is Mr. Agus Putranto, M.Sc., Head of Cooperation and Promotion Office and Lecturer of Communication Studies Program at Universitas Atma Jaya, Yogyakarta. He explained that “Brand is the asset with the greatest value compared to other assets in a company, so that the company must have credibility and be able to build a good image through reputation and have a clear direction of business development.”

MoU Signing SV UGM – Yayasan Indonesia Rumah Kebinekaan (YIRK) and Launching of Digital Encyclopedia “”

Yogyakarta (7/1) – Dean of Sekolah Vokasi UGM, Mr. Wikan Sakarinto, S.T., M.Sc., Ph.D., officially signed a MoU with Yayasan Indonesia Rumah Kebinekaan (YIRK) in academic, research, and community service sector he also attended the launching of Digital Encyclopedia “” (11/1). Yayasan Indonesia Rumah Kebinekaan (YIRK) is the initiator of is a digital literacy platform with positive content to against various kinds of irregularities and abuse (hoax, hate speech, cyber bullying, cyber radicalism, etc.). The background of the digital encyclopedia “” development is to fulfill the need for collaboration between government and society based on digital culture. Moreover, has a special function in terms of education, literacy, synergy, cohesion and promotion. In addition to tourism in the Yogyakarta region, also provides opportunities for students as a digital-based learning facility in the form of e-learning activities.

The cooperation between Sekolah Vokasi UGM with YIRK consist of publication, research, promotion, data validation, etc. SV UGM lecturers might help in authorizing the works done by the organization. In addition, both lecturers and students could become informants in conducting research, especially for tourism field or others field related to Yogyakarta.

Student of Sekolah Vokasi UGM Won the Best Paper Award ASEAN Student Conference 2019

(23/1) Eka Hafsari, Student of D3 Management Study Program SV UGM 2017, won the Best Paper Award ASEAN Student Conference 2019. The title of her paper is Forest Protection Group and Springs Preserves as Life Supporters of Mendiro Village. The ASEAN Student Conference (ASC) was held at Universiti Utara Malaysia, 20-26 January 2019.

ASC has been held for two years; ASEAN students can send their papers related to the environment and those who are qualified will be invited to attend the conference. The conference aims to understand the background of environmental problems and find solutions in regional, national, and international level.

Eka was motivated to take part in this activity because she felt she had anxiety in the field of environment, especially deforestation of forest. Despite her concern that not many teenagers didn’t care about the forest, many adults still care about their environment.

During the conference, Eka participated in several events including phonferences, forum and discussion, bonding, games, and field trips. The participants are varied from Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, even Brunei Darussalam.

“I’m happy that when I bring the issue here, it seems like we face the same problem. I can offer different innovations that can be easily applied throughout the country,” she said. She hopes that the teenagers would love to understand more about the background of environmental problem in Indonesia and could find solutions to solve these problems.

Vokasi UGM and Cyber Hankuk University Foreign Studies Korea Officially Build Cooperation

Yogyakarta (21/1) Dean of Sekolah Vokasi (SV) UGM, Mr. Wikan Sakarinto, S.T., M.Sc., Ph.D. and President of Cyber Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (CUFS), Korea, Joong Ryul Kim, Ph.D. officially sign the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) and Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) between the two parties in SV 138. This event aims to establish cooperation in academic, service, and research sector.

On this occasion, the Dean of SV UGM is accompanied by Vice Dean of Academic and Student Affairs, Vice Dean of Research and Community Service, International Affairs Office and Public Relation & TIK team, Head of DBSMB, and Head of Korean Language Study Program. Before the signing of the MoU and MoA, they discussed the cooperation program in detail. The MoA contains the program of extension study for students Korean Language Study Program in CUFS; at least for three semester. For MoA itself, it contains an exchange program for staffs and lecturers for teaching, research, and service activities.

CUFS is a university with specifically focused on mastering native language, and the special thing is the learning system in CUFS is online. It can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

The Dean of SV UGM welcome the guests from CUFS and hopes this cooperation between SV UGM and CUFS would give the benefit especially for graduates from Korean Language Study Programs.

In his speech, the president of CUFS expresses his excitement at being able to work with SV UGM. “I hope this MoU and MoA would not stop in here, I hope it can bring the positive impact for us” as he said on his speech.

CUFS then continues their agenda to give the socialization to student SV UGM Korean Language Program Study related to this programs. They hope the students can join and experience international exposure in CUFS.