Public Lecture on TILC&FRC Development Strategy as a Locomotive for the Progress of  SV UGM & Indonesia

Yogyakarta (2/10) – A Public Lecture has been held by Vocational College UGM (SV UGM) about the strategy of Teaching Industry Learning Center (TILC) and Field Research Center as a Locomotive for SV UGM & Indonesia Progress. At the moment, the public lecture was held at TILC SV UGM and attended by The General Director of Vocational Education of The Republic of Indonesia (DIKSI), Wikan Sakarinto, Ph.D as the speaker, Dean of SV UGM, Dr.-Ing. Ir. Agus Maryono and officials, Director of Project Implementation Unit (PIU) UGM, Head of Departments, Coordinators of Center of Excellence, and other invited guests (virtually way).

TILC (Left) & FRC (Right)

In the public lecture, Mr. Sakarinto gave his speech and he was grateful that the building he had designed together with the other team had been completed. He also revealed that a building as big as TILC with ample equipment is not a goal but a tool to develop Indonesia, especially SV UGM in accordance with the philosophy of the ministry of education, research and culture in Indonesia, namely the philosophy is not the tools but the people. A philosophy that liberates the nation’s children to learn according to their passion.

The integrity of vocational education and the world of work is carried out through Link and Match 8+i, that is  the curriculum which jointly prepared including strengthening aspects of soft skills and work character to complement hard skills aspects that are in accordance with needs, the real project-based learning from the world of work (PBL), then the number of and the role of teachers/lecturers/instructors from industry and experts from the world of work, internships or work practices, competency certification, there are lecturers/teachers/instructors who regularly get technology updates and research from the world of work, applied research supports the teaching factory/teaching industry that started from real cases or needs in industry/society, and the last one is the commitment to the uptake of graduates by the world of work.

At the event, Ir. Hotma Prawoto Sulistyadi, M.T., IP-Md., as the director of PIU UGM also gave a little motivation which he always applied to manage life, he said that success is a choice and failure is certain. If people just stay silent without making any effort, they will surely fail, and success is a choice that we design in this life. He also gave a message to the lecturers not to get stuck with routines, formalities, and to be productive and in synergy, to be innovative and creative in their work.

After the public lecture was finished, the Yacaranda Electric Car Team, Department of Mechanical Engineering Department SV UGM showed their work, namely electric cars and ethanol-fueled cars to the Director General of DIKSI and that work was highly appreciated and it is hoped that the works of this kind of generation will continue to develop and be sustainable for the future for the great progress of Indonesia.

Author: Eilien Dwi K